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Your First Class Travel Experience

Maxima Travel is your exclusive tour and vacation consultant. For over a decade our personal service and reputation has made "The vacation of a lifetime" our trademark.

One of the main objectives of our company is to offer a complete tourist services for travelers and organizations, planning and the organizing of corporate events associated to Conventions and any special programs whatsoever.

We pay attention to what you need and when you need it....

From First Class to Economy Class, every traveler's needs are detailed carefully to make sure nothing is overlooked. If you forget to request your usual non-smoking window seat, we will remember for you. We can courier or deliver your tickets personally, or if you prefer, you can collect them at the airport reception.

Group and Incentive travel....

Do you want to organize a conference at an interesting destination? We will arrange a suitable venue to ensure participants gain maximum benefit from the conference. Reward your employees' productivity with bonus trips, overseas or within Canada. We will tell you what's available, how to go about it, and we will arrange all the necessary bookings.

No matter what your finances are....

The days of unlimited travel budgets are gone. As business travel experts, we know what your accountant expects. With our experience and the latest Galileo Reservation System, we can ensure you get the best deals available.

Try us today....

When you hand your travel requests over to us you can forget about the details until you are ready to leave. Why not try us on your next trip, for business or leisure. We look forward to helping you with all your travel requirements - even if it's for departure this afternoon.

We care.

The Maxima Travel has a comprehensive library of information for your choice of holiday destinations:

To enable you to make the best holiday choices we suggest that you email or make a personal or phone appointment with one of our experienced consultants to discuss your holiday preferences so that we can suggest the best holiday options. It is our aim to ensure that every holiday we arrange for you, will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. There are many, many different destinations and types of holiday to choose from...... why not let us guide you through the possibilities so that you can make the most informed choices. Some of the alternatives you may wish to consider when planning your holiday:


We have access to the best airfares on the market and can book any airline. We can advise you on frequent flyer options attached to each airline as well as the many other variables associated with different airlines. Who has the best fares, stopover options, add-ons or side trips, any land inclusions, how long do they take to get there............ and the list goes on...


Whether a Coach Tour or point to point coach travel is your preference..... we can book it !!Coach passes representing significant discounts are available in some countries... What sort of people travel on specific tours? Do you want to find a tour with people of similar interests and age to yourself? Do they have early booking discounts or other incentives? We can answer all of these questions.


We have the best car rental rates in Canada, US and overseas. Please ask for our advice on when to prebook car hire and when to book locally. You can rent, lease or relocate a vehicle !! We can give you the lowdown on the variables.


Rail is a very popular travel option. Ask us about where to and where not to take the train ! Discounted passes are available in some countries (Europe, USA, Canada, Britain and more). In some countries the most spectacular journeys are by rail! Is it cheaper or more expensive to travel by train ? What standard of accommodation should I expect?


Cruising is the first choice of many people and statistics show that 75% of all people that travel on a cruise will cruise again. Cruise prices vary but it is a very affordable holiday..... and offers entertainment and options for all age groups. We can present the cruises that would best suit your personal preferences...


So many accommodations to choose from !!! Tented, Hostel, Bed & Breakfast, Guest House, Villa, Apartment, Cottage, Hotel room and also in standard from: 1 star to 5 star.. so many choices........ What is best for a family - a couple - an individual? Is it cheaper to book the accommodation direct or on a travel package? Can it be pre-booked?

Let us advise you of the options in your chosen destination.

For further information please contact us.

Maxima Travel

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Burnaby, Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada V5J 0A3

Tel: (604) 454-9944
Toll Free: 1 888 723-4145

  Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm PST
  Saturday: 10am - 4pm PST
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